Steamed vegetables

Ready-to-use Greek carrots packed airtight so as not to lose their beneficial elements and naturally selected . Sterilize and pack with no additives and preservatives a product that fits your needs whether you want to prepare food or sweet.

Carrot is one of the most popular and well known vegetables available on the market. It is known for its beneficial properties and its cool full flavor. It is the best natural source of vitamin A, which helps with vision, fights acne and further increases physical resistance against germs and infections.

  • Greek Steamed Vegetables
  • Ready to serve
  • Integrated Cultivation System
  • No pesticide residues
  • Without preservatives
  • Sterilized product
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Absolutely natural product, without additives.
  • Ready to accompany every Mediterranean dish.
  • Certified Good Agricultural Practice


Quantity per 100 g

Energy35kcal/ 147 kj
Carbohydrates7,5 g
Of which sugars6,5g
Edible Fibers0,9g

Steamed Greek Carrots
Ingredients: Carrots peeled
Refrigerator Product, Sterilized product
After opening, keep for 2 days in the refrigerator.


5 things you did not know about carrots

  1. Carrot enhances vision. The carrot is rich in B-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the liver. Studies have shown that people who consume more carrots are 40% less likely to have illnesses in their eyes.
  2. The carrot belongs to the vegetables that make up a natural defense against cancer. Carrot consumption can reduce the risk of lung cancer and breast cancer.
  3. The carrot is A and Z for good appearance and tissues on the skin.
  4. Carrot enhances heart defenses in heart disease.
  5. Carrot is a natural antioxidant and helps the liver to eliminate toxins faster.