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The Fruit Salad series "Agrokipos Halvatzis" is an ideal and at the same time healthy choice of snacks for all hours! Cool fruit pieces, in grape juice or in light syrup, without preservatives, for the whole family. In the family package and On the Go, you have it everywhere with you.

Imathia Peaches

Cool fruit salad, full of natural flavour, with the famous Imathia Peach

Imathia Peaches on the Go

Your favorite Imathia Peaches fruit salad, now on the Go! Packaging. A delicious and healthy snack, for you, to carry everywhere!

Greek Fruit Salad On the Go

A tasty and healthy choice for all day. Exceptionally tasty variety of peach, pear, grape and cherry fruit.


An exotic fruit salad, full of flavor and aroma. No added sugar, artificial fragrances or colors.

Tropical Fruits

Exceptionally tasty variety of peach, pineapple and papaya fruit. No added sugar, no artificial flavors and colors.