Greek Fruit Salad with Peach, Pear, Grapes and Cherry On the Go

Fruit products

You can find almost all the Greek fruits in a pack of «Agrokipos Halvatzis” Hellenic fruit salad. Selected fruits from Imathia Peaches ,Pear , Grape, and Cherry create a feast of flavors that smells Greece. With strict quality and origin, they are packed in light syrup, free from artificial fragrances and colors. Choose Greek fruit salad with guaranteed fruit for light and healthy snacks in a pack for easy storage.

Ingredients and information:
  • Fruit in light syrup.
  • Available in individual packing 210gr.
  • Ideal for vegetarian
  • Without preservatives.
  • Light snack for all hours.


Quantity per 100 g

Energy250 kcal/ 60 kj
Of which saturated0g
Of which sugars14,3g
Edible Fibers0,1g

Ingredients: peach, pear, grape, cherry, water, sugar, fructose - glucose syrup, dye E127, citric acid, Brix 14 - 16

It is stored in a cool & shady part of the refrigerator.
After opening, it is kept in the refrigerator for 3 days
Pasteurized Product
Consumed more pleasantly cold.


4 things you did not know about peaches, grapes, pears & cherries/h2>

  1. By often consuming peaches, you can physically control cholesterol levels and problems that lead to heart disease and cholesterol. This is because they contain phenolic compounds that inhibit the oxidation of low density lipoproteins.
  2. Pears are considered to be hypoallergenic fruits that are rich in fiber but are unlikely to cause side effects and are therefore suggested to people suffering from various dietary allergies. They also benefit from the fight against various diseases. Pear juice is recommended even for infants, whether for people who have allergies.
  3. Research has shown that grape consumption can help regulate blood pressure, including lowering blood pressure if it is high.
  4. Cherries can help with digestion. Their consumption helps to produce and digest more digestive substances, which are beneficial for the functioning of our digestive system.